Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My First Hands on Bible

I recently received "My First Hands on Bible" from Thomas Nelson. I was really excited about this bible and using it with my daughter. (While she is only 5 months old, I believe she is never too young to hear the truth of scripture.) I know that there is a "Hands on Bible" that is directed for elementary school students, and therefore, I thought this book would be for much younger children. The activities in this bible though are more clearly designed for children aged 3+, and I would most likely use this book with a preschool child. They have to be able to use some higher thinking to complete the activities after each chapter (there are 3 activities for each story/chapter of the bible included). I really did appreciate the way this particular bible is exact scripture, not a paraphrased rendition. This bible does an excellent job of keeping each story to a few short verses in order to keep the child's attention. The pictures are simple and go along well with the text.  I am currently babysitting a little boy (4 years old) and I asked him if he would want this book and his response was "Well, I already have a bible, but if I didn't I would want this one." Cute. I would recommend this book to teachers and parents of preschoolers. It is definitely a book that allows you to explore the Bible together.

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