Sunday, December 11, 2011

Not My Favorite

The Jesus Mission: Christ completed twenty-seven missions while on earth. Take up the four he assigned to you.
I recently received "The Jesus Mission" by Steven K. Scott. I wasn't quite sure what to necessarily expect from this book, but the cover led me to read this book, as it stated "Christ completed 27 missions while on earth. Take up the 4 He assigned to you."
To be honest, I'm not really for mathmatical equations when it comes to the lessons God teaches us through scripture, and I feel as if this book in particular had 5 points here, 4 points there, and so forth. I would have much rather been encouraged by the number of things  I felt drawn out of the text, rather than they be pointed out to me every turn of the page.
The book is written into 3 different sections: "Intimacy with God, the Way He Wants It, The Missions Christ has Given to You, and What You Never Knew About Jesus That Will Change Your Life." If you are picking up this book and wanting to know your mission from the beginning, you might be a little disappointed to discover that it is not revealed until much later in the book. Throughout the book, I felt as if the author really did not have a specific purpose, and therefore his voice gets lost throughout the text. This isn't my favorite book on the subject of missions and purpose in life, and I can think of many other books I would recommend before this one.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

NLT Giveaway!

Starting on November 29th until December 24th at the New Living Translation Facebook page we're giving away lots of great prizes and something free for you just for singing up.
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Great book for the busy person!

"The Lucado Inspirational Reader" is a compilation of various quotes and sections from Max Lucado's 25+ books. It is broken into 27 chapters, with each chapter focusing on a particular topic. I felt as if there was nothing that this book didn't touch on, and I believe that this would be the perfect book to have on hand to reference or read cover to cover - whichever would work. If you enjoy reading Max Lucado's writting, then this is the perfect book for you!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Resource to better parent your son or daughter

With having 2 children of different sexes, I desire to raise them in a god glorifying way. In his book "Secure Daughters Confident Sons," Glenn Stanton delves into the world of gender and why it matters when raising our children. Boys and girls are different, one is not superior or inferior to the other, they are simply different, and in this book, boy and girls are clearly celebrated for how God made them. This book is a great resource for parents to better understand their child. With today's society mainstreaming the gender roles, this counter-cultural book will help to better equip us as caregivers. This book focuses on looking at the child as an adult, be it a man or woman. How to we want our children to be when they are no longer in our home? Stanton also strives to help parents understand how to help their daughter feel loved and cared for, while encouraging their sons that they have what it takes. 
While this book does include Christian principles, I would definitely say this book is not solely a Christian read, and I would recommend it to parents!