Thursday, August 25, 2011

So Why Does Church Matter?

In his book, "Why Church Matters," Joshua Harris outlines the absolute importance of being a member of a local church body, and not just being a member, but rather being an active participant.
We live in a consumer society, which translates to a "I need this... Can't live without this... What can this do for me?" attitude, which is not at all how Christ intended His bride to be. He is our groom and we are united with Him through the CHURCH. Christ calls the we CHURCH his bride, and I think it is really important to remember that. This is foundation to Joshua Harris' book. Also included in this book are discussions about why we need the local church. This life is not about us, and this chapter will allow us to see the importance of the church is a global and local way.
Another great aspect of this book are the 10 things that matter most when choosing a church. As someone who moves frequently because of employment, this is a great tool to go back and reference when choosing a new local church to place membership.
I really enjoy reading Joshua Harris' books, and was quite excited to see that he had come out with a new book. As I was reading this book though, it sounded really familiar. I went and looked at another book of his that I had "Stop Dating the Church," and realized it is the exact same book, just a new name and different cover. If you have already read this book of  Harris', you don't need to purchase this one. I would highly recommend this book to all Christians though. I even went through "Stop Dating the Church" with a prior church and really enjoyed it. Great book! Biblical advice!

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